Let’s find your heart’s answers

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I'll meet you there.



Uplifting others is my life’s joyful purpose. Life is a celebration, a beautiful mix of laughter, tears, clarity, confusion, happiness and grief. All essential, all worthy. There are no shortcuts.

The journey of discovery isn’t about changing what we find, It is the willingness to take the journey that changes us. Simply by opening and accepting ourselves, we transform. 

Holding that space of welcoming, revelation, embrace, trust and expansion is what I am on this planet to be and do. When you’re ready I’d love to share with you.

Your Journey

This work is about acceptance. This work is heart centered and true. Because you have courage to take yourself on this work is for you, this work is yours. Together we discover your heart’s questions. As a scout and a light we walk the path together toward what’s already there. You’ll find your sixth sense, you become your own best friend. This beautiful journey will call your name all your life. Because you decided to answer and move toward your longing, your purpose, your power. I am here for you. I am an excellent guide, a strong voice of love and a connection to your knowing.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.


I am the Journey

Source pouring through

Sustaining, life giving —

Allowing more

Open. Open. Open.

All questions answered

This quiet place–Joy!

Full of emptiness

So full–Peace!

Overflowing love

Here, in this place


I am enough.

All the longing.

Its always been for me.

Searching and finding me.

Here is the love.

Here is the quiet safety.

The knowing, the certainty.

Here in this place

Inside. Home. Always.

I am enough

A. Larson
Jamilee has changed the way I look at my life and the world. I appreciate her direct approach, she makes things easy to understand and is a wonderful listener. I have many more tools as a result of our time together.
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C. Riley
She opened my eyes to the man I was, I gained clarity to become the man I wanted to be, and I was shown a path to enlightenment to the man I am and love today!
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B. Johnson-LePoidevin
Working with Jamilee has been a wonderful experience. I highly recommend taking the time to work with her. So far, she has guided me to a place of self-appreciation and self-love I never imagined possible. She has a way of communicating with brutal honesty that feels more like a loving push to expect the best out of life because we are here to experience fun, joy and most importantly love.
Work with Jamilee
M. McNannay
Working with Jamilee has irreversibly changed my life. While I have spent the majority of my life operating from a place of fear and resistance; with her help I now see life as a continuous opportunity for the creation of love and joy.
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W. Flinn
Jamilee is an intuitive, kind, straight-talking listener who helped me discover patterns in my life I didn’t know I had. Through my work with her, I continue to recognize and practice increasing levels of agency and power in my life. If you are looking for sugar coating, eat cereal. If you are ready to make choices from a place of inspiration instead of fear, she is your person. She understands the human spirit and the nature of love, which combined with her wisdom and incisive wit helps me walk this earth as the best version of myself.
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