Dog Training

Strengthening the relationship between you and your pup

The Experience

Creating relationships with animals can be one of the most rewarding, enlightening and pleasurable experiences. It can also be frustrating and exhausting when lack of understanding leads to resistance and what we humans see as poor behavior. 

Dogs possess an amazing ability to mirror what is going on within their person. Sometimes that mirror can be stark in what it shows us. Having a guide to pull back the curtain and share with you what is going on in your dog’s mind can allow you and your dog to live calmer, balanced, and more joyful lives together.

The Process

Training takes place one on one. The first session is a phone call where you can share your concerns and what you hope to gain from your relationship with your dog. 

After an evaluation, we will assess both your dog’s behavior and your relationship to determine the path forward. 

Trainings will include techniques and insights so that you can come to better understand the ‘why’ behind your dog’s behaviors and how to best support them. This dog perspective approach allows understanding and compassion to help deepen your relationship with your dog.

Trainer Bio

Milaina McNannay is an avid horse woman, dog lover, bird watcher and an advocate for the fostering of the human animal connection. She’s also a fabulous web designer. Milaina has been exploring the animal connection since she started her horse back riding lessons as a girl. Choosing to become part of the puppy raising team at guide dogs for the blind brought Milaina to her passion for dog training and the study of canine behavior at the tender age of fifteen. Embracing the teachings of Cesar Millan and
her skills gained through puppy raising has shaped Miss McNannay into a clear and powerful trainer of pet dogs as well as the discipline to handle the giant breeds used for protection. Milaina’s innate ability to understand and interpret dog language has clients raving about the quick and easy changes she
makes in the relationship with their fido friends. When Milaina isn’t busy working with clients, you can find her practicing her dressage skills.

To find the beloved you must become the beloved.