Moving you and your horse forward

Improving Your Equine Experience

You want to enhance your horses' quality of life

By using gait analysis you can use the reports produced to empower yourself, the vet, farrier, chiropractor, and trainer with information to help give you peace of mind that your horse is getting the care it deserves. Your customized report will include clear next steps leading to improved overall wellness.

You're looking to better inform your goals

You want what is best for you and your horse. By using gait analysis you will be provided with actionable, easy to understand takeaways. These tools can be used in many ways, for instance they can be used to pinpoint subtle pain, prevent injuries, identify training issues stemming from pain, and identify balance impairments of horse and rider. By getting gait analysis you are empowering yourself and your equine team through information.

You want to be a better rider

Your report will provide feedback on your body position that is objective and precise. Based on the findings of your report, you will be provided customized exercises and adjustments recommended to improve your overall position. Better riding starts with you, becoming informed is the first step

“Kinematic characterization of lengthened and collected paces may hold the key to better understanding of optimal dressage training and competition which in turn may lead to improved performance and lower injury rates in all equestrian disciplines.”

Equine Veterinary Journal

Our Services

What works best for you?

You have two main forms to choose from when receiving a consultation:
To evaluate the horse alone
To evaluate the horse and rider
Consultation options
This in person consultation allows you to benefit from high speed cameras to better assess your horse's asymmetries. The rapid frames per second provide even more detail with which to evaluate your horse.
High Speed Camera Consultation
When you submit your smart phone videos you gain quicker access to The Radiant Pony's team and can receive evaluations long distance. Video can be taken on iPhones or androids.
Smart Phone Video Submission

How We'll Work Together

Schedule a Call

Our call will be used to assess your current situation and chart a path forward.

Use the Technology

We will then utilize our tools to evaluate your horses’ movement and the riders position.

Form a plan

You will receive a customized plan and report for you and your horse to move toward your goals.

Wait for the Magic

Armed with new information improvement is just around the bend for you and your equine partner.