Giving yourself the gift of self discovery.

The Experience

Our retreats are designed with powerful, permanent transformation in mind. Believing that this intention sets the stage for participants to have a profound and life shifting experience, we hold a sacred space of safety and trust. Releasing old traumas, out dated beliefs and long held limitations becomes second nature. New thoughts and a renewed connection to love, forgiveness and happiness are more easily accessed. Our venue is luscious and private, the food is nutritious and delicious. All details are curated to provide you with the expansive and positive opportunity to embrace the change you’re ready for.

The Process

We come together for three days beginning Friday mid morning and finishing late afternoon on Sunday. Through both group and individual exercises, you will come into contact with the Divine. Wonderful food is provided for you, comfort and security is key. Integration and release are tended to with compassion and power.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.