Realizing solutions through technology

Who we are

Equine enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines dedicated to making the lives of sporthorses better through technology. We are scientists, researchers, trainers, medical experts, riders and inspired, solution oriented thinkers.

What do we do

Connect technological advances to the worldwide network of equine sports. We have positioned ourselves to be the leader of innovation when it comes to bringing valuable, constructive and practical technical leading edge tools to positively impact the international equine market.

How we help

Create clarity around market need and bring solutions to bear through strategically developed technology.


We are inspired to change the world. The technological world can bring the equine industry to new highs as long as the industry is welcoming. The solutions are here; the only question that remains is do you dare to dream bigger?

Our Journey

How did we get here? Passion and a clear goal. The Radiant Pony is dedicated to bringing technology to greater use in the international equine market–across disciplines. Our team is helping create strategic tools to increase the health of equine sport.r



Jamilee Shaffer

Jamilee Shaffer started riding horses on her family’s organic farm before she could walk. This deep connection to sustainable practices and animals has been a driving force in Ms. Shaffer’s life.

Jamilee has made and maintained relationships in the equine industry that reach to the international level. After college, Jamilee worked in the state’s most innovative dairy farm as animal health manager. She oversaw a herd of 1500 dairy cattle as the reproductive specialist, all the while pursing her love of equine sports.

After decades as a competitor, breeder, owner, trainer, and midwife to many mares, Jamilee sought to bring her animal health background, and experience in farm management, to her consulting practice. Ms. Shaffer is eagerly exploring the many intersections of technology, sustainability and mindfulness with the world she has played in so passionately—all things equestrian. Recently Jamilee presented at the ARCI (Association of Racing Commissioners International) Conference April 2019 in Arcadia, California.  Jamilee led the conversation on how technology and alternative therapies can be used to positively impact the lives of racehorses.

Jamilee understands the value of collaboration and has skillfully built strategic partners in the science and veterinary communities, building a team of advisors who help alternative modalities come to market.

Ms. Shaffer is a master relationship builder, visionary, solution creator and adventurer. She grows her own garden and tends to her own soul.

As the founder of TRP Ms. Shaffer is realizing the culmination of a life spent in science, animal health, competition, coaching, training, leadership development, and loving.

Be part of the change, join the charge.

California racing could be one general election away from extinction unless it can sell the public on the idea it is to open to change. 

“It is the biggest potential crisis that the industry has faced,” said Chuck Winner, Chairman of the California Horse Racing Board. “This is the biggest public and political blowback that we’ve faced. It’s gotten so much attention from the media, which is not to say it shouldn’t have. People who are normally not paying attention are paying attention.”

LA Times

We see the opportunity

We are bringing technology to promote both the perception and well being of sporthorses worldwide. Accomplishing this goal takes the form of innovative technologies we have decided to partner with and champion.

Asymptomatic Injury Detection

Quick Diagnostics.
Handheld and Easy to Use.
Reliable Results.

Medication Management

Chain of Custody

Data Driven.
Tamper Proof.

Adherence Support

Real Time.

Non-Invasive Therapies for Rehabilitation

Prevent Injury.
Promote New Bone. Development.
Replace Bisphosphonates.

About us

Equine enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines dedicated to making the lives of sporthorses better through technology.

Our mission

We strive to bring technical leading edge tools to positively impact the international equine market.

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