Jamilee Shaffer

Promoting love and enlightenment.

Who is Jamilee

Jamilee is at her core an uplifter and a healer. She was both called to and sought out the knowledge she possess’ from a variety of sources; constantly looking for ways to bring out the best in herself and other people. She doesn’t care what the process is, just so long as it works. By assessing practices and habits from a “Show me the results” perspective, Jamilee has cultivated a life and a body of work that is deeply effective and transformative. 

Her Journey

After college, Jamilee set out on what would become three decades of pilgrimage. From India to Eastern Europe, to the jungles of Costa Rica and up through North America she apprenticed with teachers from monks to medicine people.  Synthesizing these ancient teachings, she finds herself to be uniquely connected to the earth, animals and people at a deep intuitive level.

Working with Jamilee

People have called working with Jamilee enchanting and spiritually awakening. By using multiple modalities Jamilee is able to get to the heart of the matter, the heart of people. Jamilee has worked as a coach, speaker, author, businesswoman, equine behaviorist, landscape designer, horse breeder and in addition to all that she is a REALLY good cook!

Her Resume

Mastery of Beingness, Master Facilitator certification

Equine Assisted Learning, New Horizons certificate

Men’s Panel Facilitator, Oregon State Penitentiary

Women’s Leadership Training, PSI International

Warrior Monk Retreat Facilitator

Graduate Oneness University, Chennai, India

Paradigm Wizard Training


The Breakthrough Experience

Tom Dorrance Horsemanship Training

The Enlightenment Intensive

Inipi Ceremony–Firetender

Inipi Ceremony–Lodge Pourer

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.