Enlightenment Intensive

Metamorphic Self Discovery

What is an Enlightenment Intensive?

Developed by Charles Berner in the late 1960’s, ancient Eastern practices of meditation based inquiry were combined with the Western technique of dyad communication, for an accelerated pathway toward spiritual revelation and personal fulfillment. Today, these retreats are offered worldwide and 1,000’s of people have reported profound results from this unique method.

The Experience

The Enlightenment Intensive Retreat makes use of the koan, “Who am I?”. This riddle-like spiritually powerful question is both a yogic and Zen meditation that dates back thousands of years. Additionally, the retreat utilizes the Western practice of communication dyads. A communication dyad refers to two people who work together to bring about complete communication through open sharing and deep listening. This powerful process of open sharing and deep listening is the fuel that accelerates the effects of these ancient enlightenment practices.

The Process

Throughout your journey, you will place attention on your sense of self as a means of moving beyond the ego and seeing directly into the nature of your being. There will be clear and concise teaching at the beginning of your retreat to firmly establish you on a path of self inquiry.

The retreat will be held in silence with the exception of dyads and sharing. There will be regular meal breaks, sessions for gentle movement, rest, time outdoors, walking contemplations, chanting, sound baths, and more. The retreat will close with time for integration and reflection.  

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.