Journeying into yourself to find what you need

Plant Medicine

This is your opportunity to grow, change, open, close, start, end and leave what is done behind.

Invite the most creative part of yourself to take up residence in your every day experience. Free yourself from self imposed limitations, allow the love you are to pour freely through you. Find a lasting release and peace.

Lodge Pouring

Ancient traditional medicine for the modern world. This is a profound inward journey to the absolute beauty of who you are.

Enlightenment Intensive

A unique method designed to produce a spiritual enlightenment experience and deeper reflection on yourself and who you really are. 

One on One

We are powerful creators and what you think about yourself is supremely important. Coming to the certainty that what you seek is seeking you is what our personal coaching is all about.

Journey Work

Relationships are multilayered. Our experience on the path with a beloved partner, be they two or four legged can one of life’s greatest gifts. This mode of exploration will be a new level of clarity and appreciation to you and your love.

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?